Who’s to blame? Grey squirrels or us?

Due to the current chaos that we label ‘World affairs’, I feel it’s appropriate to address the idea of population growth within this country because of immigration. Yet, before I go any further I’d like put across what some of you may already be aware of, the squirrel situation. Red squirrels originated in the UK, and grey squirrels were brought over here to populate stately homes (so for OUR benefit) in 1876. Due to the nature of the grey squirrels being bigger, able to tolerate more food, and carrying a disease that is deadly to red squirrels… red squirrels are now slowly dying out, because of us, and there are lots of conservation causes set up for the red squirrel.

This I feel is the perfect metaphor for an opinion that is seen in a lot of the right wing British press these days that ‘Migrants are bad’. That they’re coming here, taking advantage of our system and destroying British culture. The Daily Mail is a prime example of this sort of thing, all I had to do was type in the word ‘Migrant’ in the search bar on their website and I immediately found numerous ignorant and what could be called racist articles. One I found to be specifically uninformative began the article by stating that “Migrants are pretending to be victims of domestic violence to dupe officials in to letting them stay permanently in Britain.”. The first comment I’d like to make on this article is that there were absolutely no figures or statistics at all, which of course may suggest to the reader that ‘Migrants’ could mean ALL migrants. Also it completely undermines domestic abuse and demonises migrants rather than the real issue of abuse. The Sun is another well known prejudiced newspaper, when typing in ‘Migrants’ on the search bar of their website I needn’t even look at any articles to get a feel of their viewpoint towards immigration. The term ‘Migrant’ came with so many derogatory connotations. There were numerous news reports claiming migrants are attempting to ‘sneak in to this country’, the term was used so often it completely dehumanised the people coming here, whether illegally or not. It screams, ‘Forget what’s happening in war torn Syria, forget the reasons why they may be making life-threatening journeys to find refuge … Look at the migrants who so desperately want to take advantage of our systems’. Disgusting, if you ask me.

An article I found particularly interesting, was an article posted by The Express, which reported the activist movement ‘Black Lives Matter’ who protested on London Heathrow’s runway claiming that Climate Change is racist. This may seem to be an odd viewpoint however the message is that black people and people in third world countries (who can barely afford to contribute to global warming, may I add)  are the ones feeling the brunt of it. One protestor claimed “The UK’s impact on the environment is global. 7 out of 10 of the countries most affected by climate change are in sub-Saharan Africa”.

Definitely something to consider. Perhaps these journalists should take a step back and consider, not what migrants are doing to our culture but what our culture is doing to migrants; and furthermore what migrants are doing for our country and our culture. I will leave the relevant links, in case any readers are interested in taking a look.


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